Kate Sierzputowski is a freelance writer and curator based in Chicago. Fascinated by artists’ studio processes, she founded the website INSIDE\WITHIN to physically explore and archive the creative spaces of Chicago's emerging and established artists. In addition to running INSIDE\WITHIN, Kate also contributes art writing to Hyperallergic, Colossal, and the Chicago Reader, is a co-director of the artist-run gallery Julius Caesar, and regularly collaborates with the space Tusk.

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A. Selected Exhibition Reviews

Title Outlet Date
Ghostly Flowers and Haunting Laughter Light Up a 19th-Century Reservoir Hyperallergic November 21st 2016
The Productive Failures of a Weekend Spent Following Artists’ Instructions Hyperallergic September 22nd 2016
Confronting the Fears Detained Immigrants Face in the US Hyperallergic July 22nd 2016
Meditation, Improv, Forced Chuckling, and More at a Gallery Sleepover Hyperallergic July 10th, 2016
'Chicago and Vicinity' is a semicomprehensive account of the local art scene Chicago Reader March 15 2016
At Fernwey Gallery, abstract quilts convey the art of the archaeological dig Chicago Reader February 9th 2016
A yearlong exhibition at the Garfield Park Conservatory changes with the seasons Chicago Reader October 20th 2015
A year after her death, the controversial artist Barbara DeGenevieve gets her first solo exhibition Chicago Reader October 7th 2015

B. Selected Blog Posts

Title Outlet Date
Classic American Ephemera Recreated in Clay by Artist Kristen Morgin Colossal October 4th 2016
A Museum Dedicated to Miniature Architectural Models Opens in Tokyo Colossal August 24th 2016
A Kinetic Artwork that Sorts Thousands of Random River Stones by Age Colossal May 19th 2016
Photos return expired birds to flight at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum Chicago Reader May 9th 2016
Drones Rigged with LED Lights Dramatically Illuminate Landscapes at Night Colossal April 11th 2016
Explore the Vast Scientific Collections of D.C.’s National Museum of Natural History Paired with Respective Experts Colossal April 7th 2016
Lee Godie, behind the photo-booth curtain Chicago Reader April 1st 2016
Colorful Basket Weaving Sculptures by Nathalie Miebach Transform Weather Data into Visual Art Colossal March 18th 2016
Ghostly Portraits Painted Onto Layers of Netting by Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew Colossal March 14 2016
Baraka de Soleil tackles race and disability in a performance-art lecture tomorrow Chicago Reader February 2018

C. Artist Profiles 2016

Title Outlet Date
Artist Larry Achiampong finds inspiration in Grand Theft Auto V and The Simpsons Chicago Reader September 16th 2016
Confronting photos capture women the Iranian government tried to make disappear New York Times / Women in the World April 18th 2016
A north-side bodega has become a gallery of food-packaging collages Chicago Reader August 17th 2015

D. Artist Interviews

Title Date
Danielle Rosen July 2016
Devin Mays July 2016
Rambod Vala July 2016
Stephanie Graham July 2016
Margot Bergman April 2016
Stevie Hanley April 2016
Bradley Biancardi April 2016
Lindsey French April 2016
Alex Bradley Cohen February 2016
Erin Washington February 2016
Holly Cahill February 2016
Jordan Martins February 2016
Robert Chase Heishman January 2016
Judith Brotman January 2016
Zoe Nelson January 2016
David Leggett January 2016
Jenny Kendler December 2015
Joshua Kent December 2015
Juan Angel Chavez December 2015
Selina Trepp December 2015
Jose Lerma October 2015
Cheryl Pope October 2015
Meg Duguid October 2015
Esau McGhee October 2015
Candida Alvarez June 2015
Jason Lazarus June 2015
William J. O'Brien June 2015
Victoria Martinez June 2015
Jennifer Reeder May 2015
Josh Dihle May 2015
Jessica Campbell May 2015
Brandon Alvendia May 2015
Cody Tumblin April 2015
Allison Reimus April 2015
Andrew Holmquist April 2015
Laura Davis April 2015
Susan Giles March 2015
Tom Burtonwood March 2015
Kenrick Mcfarlane March 2015
Lyndsey Marko March 2015
Elijah Burgher February 2015
Lise Haller Baggesen February 2015
Soo Shin February 2015
Wyatt Grant February 2015
Sam Jaffe January 2015
Ryan Travis Christian January 2015
Magalie Guerin January 2015
Michael Milano January 2015
Tony Lewis December 2014
Chelsea Culp December 2014
Matt Morris December 2014
Noel Morical December 2014
Dan Gunn November 2014
Allison Wade November 2014
Diane Simpson November 2014
Chris Meerdo November 2014
Maddie Reyna October 2014
Ivan LOZANO October 2014
Phyllis Bramson October 2014
Chad Kouri October 2014
McArthur Binion September 2014
Richard Hull September 2014
Dana Carter September 2014
Josh Reames September 2014
Alex Chitty August 2014
Cody Hudson August 2014
Geoffrey Todd Smith August 2014
Alfredo Salazar-Caro August 2014
Deb Sokolow July 2014
Tony Balko July 2014
Betsy Odom July 2014
Max Garett July 2014
Heidi Norton June 2014
Robert Burnier June 2014
Paul Erschen June 2014
Kate Ruggeri June 2014
Adam Scott May 2014
Claire Ashley May 2014
Eric Fleischauer May 2014
Kirsten Leenaars May 2014
Assaf Evron April 2014
Leslie Baum April 2014
Melanie Pankau April 2014
Jeroen Nelemans April 2014
Andy Hall March 2014
Sofia Leiby March 2014
Assaf Evron March 2014
Meg Noe March 2014
Alex Tam February 2014
Ben Marcus February 2014
Edra Soto February 2014
Samantha Bittman February 2014
Steven Husby January 2014
Alberto Aguilar January 2014
Joseph Rynkiewicz January 2014
Renee Robbins January 2014
Karolina Gnatowski December 2013
Sabina Ott December 2013
Sarah and Joseph Belknap December 2013
Vincent Uribe December 2013
Stephen Eichhorn November 2013
Sarah Leitten November 2013
Charlie Megna November 2013
Clay Hickson November 2013

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